Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sunday Morning - Relax

Sunday morning in Darwin. Sitting reading the paper and eating a freshly made Indonesian Gado Gado Salad. The only thing missing is a coffee.
Up early dropped the car at the Rapid Creek Market and then took a long power walk along the foreshore bicycle path. The sun was only just up and the air is still cool from the night before. But the sun soon dispels the coolness and the day warms up. On the return I picked up some salads at the market. The above mentioned Gado Gado for breakfast and some Green Papaya Salad that will last probably 2 days.
I returned home to my new unit. I have been here now since Friday. It's a nice place, brand new, I am the first tenant. It didn't take long to unpack the car, but I am still waiting on my furniture to arrive until then the living conditions will be a fairly Spartan. Blow up air mattress for a bed, a camping chair which I carried in the car the only thing to sit on apart from the floor.The ability to prepare food is a plastic plate and a Leatherman knife. Having said that I do have a working oven and microwave so that I can heat things.
With all of the local markets and eating out options and take away, food preparation has not been a major problem.
Back to the paper and maybe nip over the road to grab a coffee.
The Bludger has a place to lay his hat.

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