Friday 15 July 2011

The road to Darwin - Day 1: The road less travelled.

When I arrived in Brisbane my car was loaded to the gunnels (gunwales), with goods and chattels stacked so high in the back that I could not see out of the rear window. I had learned from that trip and made a huge effort to pack absolutely everything and send it with the removalists. Consequently when I had finished packing the car to leave Brisbane for Darwin it was loaded so high that I could not see out of the rear window. What hadn’t got onto the truck seemed to be massive and I kept finding things that I had overlooked such as the ironing board hidden behind the bathroom door. I also still had rubbish that could not fit in the council bin.
It was a late start. I was hung over and moving at glacial pace. There was also a fair bit to do. It was not until almost 1:30pm that I left the house for the last time.

Since I had so much rubbish in the car I chose a path that took me past the Council rubbish tip. I unloaded a load of rubbish and unwanted goods and was now ready for the drive ahead. I could see out of the rear window.

I programmed the GPS for Kingaroy and selected the shortest option. Shortest was not necessarily the most efficient nor fastest nor restricted to major roads.

It was a lovely sunny winter afternoon. The air was cool but with the sun on the windshield I was warm in the car. With some relaxing music on the radio it was a pleasure to amble along. The first part of my trip led me through the Samford Valley via Dayboro along Mt Mee road   to Kilcoy. The roads in this area were windy and at times steep as they went up and down the hills and ranges. At one stage there was a lovely view back to Brisbane looking along the length of the Samford Valley.

The shortest route proved to be entertaining as on occasion we diverted off the main roads to cut off corners. I was led down back roads and at one stage dirt roads with causeway style creek crossings. I burst out laughing at that stage, it was such an odd contrast to the roads ahead. Many of the roads, even if surfaced, were too narrow for 2 cars to pass on the bitumen. When meeting an oncoming vehicle, the idea in this situation is for both drivers to put their left hand wheels on the dirt shoulder and leave the right hand ones on the bitumen to retain control.

All in all it was like embarking on a rather pleasant Sunday drive through the countryside.

After Kilcoy my next destination was Yarraman. The roads became wider, flatter and less twisty. I was able to speed up and I rolled into Kingaroy after dark which is about 5:30pm at the moment. The temperature had dropped considerably from the balmy afternoon and wearing only shorts and t-shirt I was already underdressed and the promise of a cold night ahead.

Accommodation a cheap cabin in a caravan park, dinner Mongolian Lamb from a Chinese Restaurant.

Every journey begins with a first step. I have taken that first step.

The bludger is in transit.

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