Friday, 15 July 2011

Kingaroy to ......Emerald - Day 2

I decided today that I needed to knock up some miles. Yesterday was a rather poor effort of only 250 KM. An early start out of Kingaroy and on the way to Gayndah then Biloela. Today was a day to switch on the cruise control and just point the car in the right direction. The cruise control was important as without it I tended to speed. The car was running well, the driver was back in form, the roads generally good and also quiet, it was easy to let the speed creep up. I am only driving in daylight so that I am not having to sort out accommodation in the dark. Days are short, so I can only get at most 10 hours driving. With breaks that is less.
Amazing what a difference country driving does to the fuel economy. Around the city I get around 11 or 12 litres per 100 KM, out on the open road I am getting more like 10 litres per 100 KM. This gives me a theoretical 600 KM between fills. The reality is that I am keeping topped up when I reach major towns to ensure that I do not get caught short.
Today’s drive was through a variety of countryside. Lots of flat and straight, a few hills and curvy bits. At times I drove through open farmland, wheat fields, Cotton fields, or grazing for beef cattle. Sometimes it was open woodland or scrub. The temperatures were mild, cool in the morning and warm later in the day. An easy day for traveling.
I ended up in Emerald, not by choice, but it worked perfectly with driving times. Emerald was always in the back of my mind but I also knew that it was going to be difficult to get accommodation here. As it happened I found accommodation quite easily, at not too outrageous a price. Emerald had been in my mind however as I have been here before and eaten in the Capricornian Hotel. They do an awesome “fire and ice” Oyster. These are natural Oysters topped with a sorbet. The sorbet is citrus fruit (orange? Mandarin?) with a hint of Chilli. Tonight the sorbet was a little bit sour and not as good as my memory but still nice. The Lamb loin for main was average, slightly overcooked and tasteless, I suspected the “jus” was gravy from a packet. Oh well.
Today the sale of my house went through. I had a phone call early afternoon to let me know. This gave me a flashback to when I left Adelaide about 20 years ago and also sold a house. History repeats itself, I was also driving to another city to take up a new life and received the call that settlement had happened after I left. I laughed. Funny how long hours frees up the mind to remember these things.
The Bludger is relaxing.

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