Sunday 3 April 2011

Birthday #1 for 2011 (significant Birthday that is)

This year amongst my friends there will be four birthdays of significance. Naturally there will be many birthdays celebrated but even before the year started 4 stood out and had plans in advance.


Yesterday was the first one. My friend Carly. It is a milestone birthday, one with a number followed by a 0. In respect to her I won’t mention the number.


I met Carly in Brisbane shortly after arriving, we worked closely together both in a geographic sense and in the sense of our jobs interactions. We also ended up being neighbours having property less than 200 metres apart. We became workmates and friends and as that friendship grew we became confidantes and shared our private problems issues and concerns. We trusted each other. We spent many evenings with take way and a bottle or two of Sauvignon Blanc sitting on my balcony and sharing that friendship.


Eventually Carly moved to Melbourne “for a man”. She went with trepidation, but things seem to be panning out well.


For birthday celebrations we spent a lovely afternoon at New Farm Bowls Club playing bare foot bowls. There wasn’t much bowling played, but plenty of socialising and catching up. As with all of these events time spent with the guest of honour was all too brief.


Carly I am glad to share the day with your family and friends. Happy Birthday.


The Bludger