Friday 11 April 2008

Departure gets closer

Today my IT Manager was taken into a Board member for a discussion. This was on short notice and the poor guy had barely come up to speed with what was going on. He had to think fast on his feet. He obviously did well as based on later discussions I think that he and I between us have saved the remaining team. Tomorrow morning the full Board meets to pass judgement. I am gone as are many others. On the positive side I have a job interview tomorrow. Another LAW firm. Will have to see how it goes.
Well even though I am a shot duck, it seemed appropriate to save my team. I had been informed that my team was also under threat and had worked out that the head slashers also had their sights on my team. There was only 6 of us, so any further cuts was going to be disastrous. So I put a case forward to try to save my team. In this memo I described their roles and responsibilities and their current workload. I also brought in figures from other organisations. This information was submitted to the Board and HR Manager.