Friday 29 June 2012

Night Moves

I have mentioned before the fact that despite being in a wealthy suburb the area is home to a number of disadvantaged people. Last night there was a commotion in the streets.
I am 3 floors up with my balcony doors facing the street. The doors are always closed as a defence against the heat. Yet i could clearly hear a male voice abusing someone. I assumed that it was his partner. I decided not to look. I decided not to intervene. I have learnt the futility of that. You cannot argue with a mind addled with drugs, alcohol or just plain illeducated.
So I listened ready to call the police if needed. Truth be told I am becoming numb to this. It is horrible, someone is being verbally abused and I am beginning to accept it as normal.
The shouting dropped in volume and the apparent depth of emotion moderated although I could still hear a "conversation" punctuated with swear words.
Periodically throughout the night the level of shouting increased. By daylight the proponents had moved on. I do not know why this is a favoured location for such night moves yet it is a regular occurence. Yes the main road is a thoroughfare but for those wanting to avoid detectioni it is very exposed. And for those wandering the streets in the early hours of the morning you become a target for the authorities. Maybe they do not care.
In the morning i took my normal walk and passed a white man and aboriginal woman arguing. A large man heavier build than i and taller. I am not a fighter, to intervene would not be clever. I wondered if it was the protagonist from the night before. It did not sound like the same male voice. The man grabbed something from the woman. She did not resist. He threw it out into the road. He screamed at a passing car "go on run it over". The woman moved slowly to recover her property. I passed by.
This is Darwin, Australia, the year 2012. I witness social problems that should have been addressed years ago, not on going today.
I feel helpless.
The Bludger is troubled.
Nick Smith
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