Monday, 18 July 2011

Day 6: Winton to Camooweal

This was another travelling day with the intent to get some more kilometres under the belt.
I started early out of Winton. Up before first light. I was on the road as dawn broke. I witnessed the dawn as the sky started dark then became pink followed by red and gold and then daylight. I was almost 80 Km down the road when the sun burst bright red over the horizon.
This is a big country. My GPS at one stage read drive 360 Km and then turn left. I watched it count down to zero which was only a few K’s outside Cloncurry. The countryside was flat and open scrub, not desert but obviously dry and barren. At one stage a series of old telephone poles ran parallel to the road. These were a reminder of how not so long ago fixed phone lines were the only form of long distance communication available to the masses.
Despite the history of Cloncurry I stopped only long enough to fill up with petrol and proceed to Mt Isa. Once again I had no interest in staying there and after a meal break I continued on. I made it to Camooweal, just a scant 12 Km short of the Qld/NT border. I stopped here for the day as after this it is about 450 Km to Threeways and Tennant Creek with very little in between.
I have noticed a change in weather and geography. Being inland nights are cool to cold. Temperatures in the afternoon get to mid 20’s. In the car it feels hot so that it is preferable to drive in the morning and rest in the afternoon. I have also now moved so far north and west that there is an obvious change in the time that the sun sets. In Brisbane it was about 5pm, out here it is about 6pm.
No sightseeing not much of a story. The Bludger is adjusting to daylight changes.

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