Saturday 8 October 2011

Unfinished Business

Later this afternoon I fly to Vietnam for a week. Considering that it is 1pm and my flight is at 6:40pm I really should pack something for this trip. Some underwear or toothbrush would be a good start. So far there is an empty bag on the floor along with a pile of electronics (camera, tablet and ipod) along with their associated cables. Also a pile of paper that consists of printed flight itineraries and hotel vouchers. Passport, a pile of USD cash, toiletries bag. But not even a book to read yet.
I visited Vietnam as part of my Cambodian trip. I was on the island of Phu Quoc from late August to early September. Where I stayed is a fairly quiet beach resort in the process of being overdeveloped into an overcrowded horrible mess. The guide books talk about the new Phuket - discover it before all the development and tourists spoil it.
Despite the fact that it was wet season, it is picture post card territory a long beach (about 20 km) with fine sand, palm trees, warm safe waters and me on a sun lounge with a cocktail in hand.
It still is wet season, well the tail end of it. Although there are several nice sunny days forecast.Maybe I can lie on that sunbed.
The following revelations may surprise some people. During that first visit I met a lady. A local lady. We spent some time together. Since arriving back in Australia we have maintained contact. She professes to love me and wants to come to Australia to be with me. I am going back to spend more time with her. I need to work out if there is unfinished business.
Yes I know what you are thinking, I have all of the same thoughts also. What does she really want? my money? a new start in life to get out of the poverty that she lives in? both? Is she genuine? if not would she still be a suitable partner for me, and I for her? Does it matter if love is not a real factor? there are many arranged marriages and marriages of convenience that work out, many even better than those based on love. Am I making a mistake? Is she? At the end of the day does it all really matter anyway?
(I have just deleted a whole lot of waffle).
I am off to see if I like this lady enough. To work out if we could build a strong relationship, to try and determine if she is genuine. To try to see what lies ahead.
And if all else fails I get a holiday.
The Bludger is apprehensive but excited.

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