Monday, 15 July 2013

Journey Canberra to Griffith

I closed the front door of my house at 12 noon and got in the car. Destination Griffith to spend a night with a friend, Anna.
I had a couple of things to do first, dump some rubbish which was left over from clearing out the house and cancel a post box and redirect mail. I also had a quick lunch and then was on the road.
I left Canberra on a cold wet afternoon. The rain and later fog was with me all the way to Griffith. It was an uneventful journey with a couple of brief stops to stretch the legs and one longer one for a power nap.

I arrived in Griffith just after 6pm.
Anna and I had dinner at the local Services Club and shared a bottle of wine with a good long chat to catch up.
The Bludger slept soundly in a real bed for a change.

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