Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Bangkok to Ayutthaya

The included hotel breakfast was filling but a reminder that my stomach is still tender. I have since learned that I probably picked up this bug while visiting a friend in the Intensive Care Unit before leaving Adelaide. As my symptoms are relatively mild I will rely on a good strong stomach flora to see me through.
I completed module 10 of the TESOL course over breakfast, I had done the readings on the flight over. So that is pretty much complete, the last module is about finding a job, not academically important as the real test of that course is finding a job.
I was driven back to the airport and then made my way by train and Taxi to Hua Lumpong train station. Here I booked a ticket to Ayutthaya (15 baht) and had a bowl of noodles before proceeding.
My gf who had promised to meet me at the station failed to appear again so I made my way by foot and ferry (4 baht) to her residence. There I was greeted by her friends and family and PeaPa eventually turned up.
The rest of the day was spent catching up with people and dinner in the early evening where I enjoyed a really nice Fish in Black Pepper sauce and then later drinks. I renewed a lot of acquaintances and met some more locals. I notice that I am now being treated as more than a tourist and gaining lots of approval from people as I am now considered the partner of one of the popular locals.
The Bludger had a traditional soldiers "welcome home".

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