Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Griffith to Callington

Today was a day of uneventful car travel. The roads were free of traffic and well maintained. I set the cruise control as soon as I found open road and the car just ate up the distance. There was little to do except watch the kilometers tick away.
There is very little radio reception in these areas and what can be received I did not find of interest so I pulled out the iPod and grooved away to some old favourites.
The day was foggy and I felt cocooned in a private world with only occasional evidence of a greater existence around me. The road runs Westward and loosely follows the Murumbidgee river which rises in the Snowy Mountains and runs close to my house in Canberra. Eventually it joins the Murray which also flows nearby my parents property. This is a bit coincidental but also an indication of how important this river system is to Southern Australia.

At one stage I had to pass three caravans travelling in a loose convoy. My car has plenty of power and I accelerated and overtook the three with ease when the fog lifted a little. The speed was well above the speed limit by then and I felt a little naughty so kept the foot down. I was pleased to see that my car was still good for 160+ Kmh without straining. (The old "ton" , 100 Mph for you modern readers).
I had lunch in Ouyen a rather odd Lamb Yiros.The Lamb was soft tender and juicy, although cooked on a hot plate not a rotisserie. This area is famous for the quality of its lamb which eats a lot of saltbush and I also picked up a rib roast for dinner at my destination.
It was during this stop that I discovered that the property manager had found a good tenant for my house and that I had been rejected for my recent job interview. There are no impediments to me going to Thailand now.
The rest of the trip was uneventful and I rolled into Callington just in time for the sunset.

The Bludger is at a way station both in life and in his journey.

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