Friday, 1 January 2010

Holidays - Annual Leave

I am on holiday from work.The only thing is that I am not exactly sure when my holiday starts
Did it start when I left work yesterday? Did it start when I had that first sit down and drink after I got home? Did it start when I got to a friend's place and felt the exhaustion hit me? Or did it start when I fell asleep on the couch after NYE celebrations?
I don't feel like I am on holiday yet. This morning I was up early went for a walk and have worked in the garden since. What passes as a lawn area to mow. After recent rains the weeds are growing out of control and need taming as I won't be around for the next 3 weekends to control them. Also a pile of laundry to do, so that I have clean clothes when I drop back in for a half day to offload holiday clothes and pick up work clothes. Maybe my holiday has started now?
However it still doesn't feel like it. I have to pack and organise myself for both an OS holiday and then an immediate work trip on my return. I also have some loose ends to complete for work.
Maybe the holiday will start tonight when the organising, packing and cleaning is complete and I can sit down and relax? Maybe it starts when the Taxi picks me up tomorrow? Maybe it starts when I pass through Immigration - you can't get me after that! Maybe it starts when the plane takes off? Maybe it starts when I arrive in Bali? Or is it after I reach my accommodation and have that first beer by the side of the pool?
I don't know. But it certainly doesn't feel like a holiday yet!

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