Friday, 8 January 2010

Bali, Ubud - Day 3 - Monday

Surprisingly enough this was almost a rehash of day 2.
My walk this day took me into the Temple on the Hotel Grounds. This was approached by a narrow set of rather slippery stairs and then across the river below via a decrepit footbridge. The path itself was difficult to locate as you had to apprach a shrine, then bypass the shrine on a faint path that looked like it would go nowhere. It all felt very Indiana Jones.
After exploring the Temple I found a path heading towards Campuhan Ridge. This turned out to be a well known local "Trek". The path followed the ridge on the opposite side of the river to the Hotel and vaguely parallel to the previous days walk, although on the opposite side of the river. As this path was not built up it presented photo opportunities for landscapes and views across the valley back to our hotel and other dwellings. Toward the top once again you could see rice paddies across a second valley. The path crossed fields of grass, which I later realised is cut and used to make thatching for the roofs. The path ended suddenly at a little cul de sac at the end of a road. The houses here were obviously expensive and very well designed. The path now continued along the road and after passing more houses, small homestays and artist shops it opened out at an expanse of rice paddys.
This would be a lovely spot at sunset I thought to myself if you could get a seat with a view and a beer. Oddly enough someone else had a similar idea and a little further along the road I came across Karsa Kafe which advertised food and drinks and suggested that I could go back for sunset drinks.
I stopped and had a coffee. The local "koppi" which is boiling water pored over coffee grinds, stirred and then allowed to settle. You filter the grinds through your teeth or hope that the bulk of them have settled down. (Note to self - don't stir the coffee before drinking it). I was very impressed with the view from here as the Cafe is right on the edge of the paddies and truly is a splendid view of the young rice, reflections off the water, the mist shrouded hills in the background and the workers in the fields.
I returned back down the hill and rejoined Phil for breakfast. Pool, lunch, the second half of the bottle of Gin, Dinner very similar to yesterday. Oh did I nearly forget to mention a 1 hour full body massage down by the river? We were lulled to sleep by the tender ministrations of the masseuse, the relaxation and the river noises only metres away.