Monday, 4 January 2010

Bali - January 2010

My first visit to Bali was in 1986. I spent a few weeks backpacking around Bali and Java. A different time and place and my memories of detail have faded. Some general memories remain buried and I have surprised myself with quickly remembering some words and phrases and some of the geography. This has certainly lain dormant and buried in my mind. What this means however is that I am seeing Bali with almost fresh eyes.
I am staying in a nice resort in Ubud. Hotel Tjampuhan & Spa is a lovely quiet place. The hotel is built along one side of a valley and spreads along the steeply sloped valley with a river down below. One can hear the sound of water flowing in the stillness of night. The Hotel itself is a series of dwellings connected by a network of paths. Fate has put me at almost the furthest point from reception which is a short walk along a series of narrow paths up and down steps that I have christened "the goat track". It isn't an arduous walk but surprising in it's length.
Down below me is the river and a swimming pool fed by a spring.The pool water is clear and the water temperature is comparitively cool but by no means cold, it provides welcome relief from the heat of the day.A network of paths lead from here through the grounds past fish ponds, gardens and the other units to end up at the main pool and bar plus the spa facilities. Overall this place is very tranquil and calm.
Wildlife is plentiful with lizards regularly seen on the paths, some playful squirrels in the trees and birds of which pigeons seem to be most common, but not the only ones. The ponds contain gold fish and bats fly around in the evening collecting small flying insects
Day 1 - SaturdayFor me it was arrival after the flight from Brisbane. Not a long flight as things go from Australia but uncomfortable due to the thin padding on the seats.(There are compromises with the cheap airlines). It was easy to negotiate at the taxi rank to hire a cab to get here, a journey of about 75 minutes in a nicely presented and modern airconditioned vehicle.
After checking in I repaired to my room and found bathers for a cooling dip in the pool. I had just decided to get some supplies (cold beer) when Phil arrived and while he checked in I collected the beer (hey no fridges in the rooms!) and we caught up. A little later we migrated to the pool bar and idly chatted up the bar staff. Two attractive local girls. Later still we headed out to dinner and had a pleasant meal in Ubud at a place which had been recommended by someone at the pool bar.
The Bludger is definately bludging

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