Saturday, 9 January 2010

Bali, Ubud & Sanur - Day 5 & 6

Today, day 5, was recovery. The Martini's had caused serious damage. A day basically in bed and I had little appetite for anything. By the evening however I had recovered enough to venture out again for Dinner. This was at Banute. A beautifully presented restaurant with a guitar player/singer in the background. The meals were beautifully presented too, it looked like they were going to be lovely, I had Chicken Sate, Balinese style and Gado Gado salad. However the food did not live up to the presentation it was rather bland and tasteless. I had to drown it in Chilli sauce to breathe life into it.
One of those days to write off and get back on track with later.
Day 6 - Thursday - Ubud to Sanur
I walked up Campuhan again this morning for my exercise. Other than that we lazed by the pool before checking out of Tjampuhan and heading for our new temporary home, La Taverna, in Sanur. The trip was uneventful and we arrived early afternoon, which allowed time for a late lunch, beers and some lazing around. Dinner was late at a nearby restaurant and then we headed out for a late night massage (keep your minds out of the gutter this was a nice massage).

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