Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Storm Water Part 2

After the plumber left we had a couple of good days of fine weather, and then it poured down. As far as I know the storm water drainage worked like a charm. No issues. Sunday was the worst day.
Monday dry. On Tuesday I get a call from the concreter, they are going to come in with an excavator and complete the bulk earth works. Fine I say. Some progress. (I have not completed the concreteing post yet - so this may be a bit obscure).
So "Lefty" duly appeared with his excavator and started moving dirt around and laying road base, all according to plan. Then the air turned blue as a stream of swear words were injected into the atmosphere. I had a look and saw the excavator tilted over with its right hand side wheels sunk about a foot (300mm) into the earth. Right on top of the new storm water pipes.
So yes it sucked. Between the invective I worked out that Lefty considered the plumber had not back filled their trench correctly and that they were a bunch of cowboys and that he had heard the storm water pipe break. So there was a period of frenzied digging to expose the pipework and sure enough the pipe had broken at a join.
I then had to put up with a self righteous justification of why it wasn't Lefty's fault that the pipes must already have been broken and the plumber broke them, etcetera.
Quite honestly it does not matter, I expect that I am going to pay for it one way or another and when I looked at the damage and causes, I could see that Lefty could not have anticipated how soft the ground was. Also that the pipes were perfect before the ground collapsed under him as I had watched the back filling and know that no undue pressure had been applied to the pipework. After the rain the area was a muddy mess, it was almost pre-ordained that there would be issues. Lefty maintained the theme that the pipes were already broken for the rest of his time there.
Wet sloppy mud and broken pipes.

Ultimately the pipes were repaired and the final bit of earthworks completed.
The Bludger almost didn't care, water off a Duck's back, these things happen.
It is raining again. Heavily.

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