Friday 15 February 2013

Renovation: Master bedroom#1

I confess that I have been reluctant to start prettying up the rest of the house. Still a lot to do outside and it is easy to ignore the interior.
But with the Laundry now complete, the driveway in the hands of contractors, the plumbing in the hands of contractors I need to kick on. My choices were the toilet or the master bedroom next. The toilet comes with consequences in that it will be out of action for several days which means that I will need to get back to nature for certain bodily functions. So I started on the master bedroom.
On paper all this needed was a cleanup and few coats of paint. Ahhh, if only.
I started by painting the built in wardrobes. These were bare chipboard and looked pretty tacky. A coat of base which included primer, sealer, undercoat and something else was a start. Then 2 coats of white door paint. The wardrobes came up a treat and look much more appealing. Certainly something that I would consider putting clothes into now. The second bedroom also had a built in so I painted both at the same time.
From this:
To this:

The Bludger is becoming an old hand at painting now, but the next stages will be hard work.

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