Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wild Mushroom

A submission for the 7 Day Challenge.

I was taking my regular morning exercise walk along the Nightcliff foreshore. I paused to use the exercise equipment and do some shoulder strengthening. I noticed these two mushrooms and had a closer look. They were quite large and in the morning light they looked interesting. I determined to come back with a camera.
During my absence I was worried that some vandal may give them a good kick. For some reason people like to do that to wild Mushrooms.
Anyway I got back and found them intact, so I spent several minutes lying on the ground adjusting distance, angles and playing with various f stops and shutter speeds.
I attracted some strange looks and comments from passers by. However it is amazing what latitude is given to someone with a camera in the hand. Want to lie on your back and look at a tree, building or sky, you will be considered weird, add a camera and you become a photographer.
This was the one that I liked most out of what I took.

For the Photographers.:
  • Camera: Pentax K200 D
  • Lens: Sigma DC, 18-50mm Zoom, 1:3.5-5.6
  • Settings: 1/125 second, f/11, 50mm (equivalent to 75mm in 35mm format)
The Bludger is regretting not picking the Mushroom for breakfast.

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