Saturday, 24 March 2012

Service Offerings

This is Saturdays entry for the 7 Day Challenge.
OK to all readers, this is a post to sell the services of my company, if that puts you off I understand. However I promise that it will be the only one for this challenge. You will be safe to return on Sunday and in fact I have already planned that to be a pictorial of some of the recent photos that I have taken. Not sure of the theme yet, several "S" themes are in my mind.
One of the reasons for posting this is to try and crystallise in my mind how to represent the company to others. Helping to build our marketing material and practice my spiel.

ClearThought is a small IT Consultancy with offices in Darwin and Adelaide. It has been represented in Darwin for 4 years and now has an office and full time presence.
Our target market is small to medium sized business that rely on Information Technology to run their business. This may be as simple as email or involve complex applications that the organisation relies upon to perform its business. We have a particular strength in areas of remote office automation and access from remote locations.
Our Consultants have a broad range of experience gained in areas such as Manufacturing, Mining, Medical, Laboratory, Environmental, Government, Banking and Finance, Defence and Venture capital.
The services that we offer include:
Virtual CIO:
In recent times technology has increased enormously in both its complexity and its importance to almost all businesses. To deal with these new challenges, larger companies have created the position of Chief Information Officer or Chief Technology Officer to focus full time on getting the most out of the firm’s investment in technology.
Clear Thought provides virtual CIOs to companies in need of ICT expertise where a high level of expertise is required but a full time appointment is unwarranted.
The virtual CIO works part-time on any given account and does most of their work remotely. We also provide specialist ICT support, or the client may use their own IT staff and just tap our management expertise.
ICT Consulting:
Clear Thought has extensive experience across a broad range of ICT areas.
Collectively our staff have a broad range of detailed technical expertise allowing us to provide ICT consulting excellence in a wide variety of areas including:

Project Management:
Clear Thought use industry standard Project Management and Risk Management practices in meeting our customer requirements.

Network Consulting:
Clear Thought provides expert staff with experience in network design, roll out and operations. From 10 Gigabit Ethernet to ISDN, Wireless and everything in between.
For LANs we can manage design and deployment of the most complex of Wireless Networks from conception, to post installation commissioning, through to operations.

Virtualisation & Cloud Computing:
Virtualisation can be a cost effective approach for applications intended for small to medium-scale usage.
The “Cloud” does not suit all and we can advise on  where you can  benefit and maximise your business potential.
Clear Thought runs it’s whole business “in the cloud” and can assist you with moving your business  there too.

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