Friday, 23 March 2012


An entry for the 7 Day Challenge
Maybe I should say a pathetic entry for the 7 day challenge,as I have been flat out all day and not had time to prepare. The title feeble probably sums it up nicely.

Or maybe I should just take the traditional way out and say "the dog ate my homework".
Maybe that is my theme? How many excuses can I write to make you feel sorry for me not doing a good job of this?

Business meetings in the morning. A quick lunch and then worked from home in the afternoon. It is 6pm and I have only just turned my attention to what to post today. A very frustrating day dealing with an ISP that is not living up to it's promises of support. Meanwhile at least 170 emails have been not delivered to the correct email account. Fortunately some tricks from our web developer has been able to capture the email, which originates on a web form, and send it elsewhere, but not a good effort by the ISP.

Not much time to be creative as I have a leaving function to attend at 7pm. Sorry folks a leaving do is more important than blogging.

Just seen the bus through my window, 25 minutes to the next one that I need to catch.

I missed that bus as I had to also go to the ATM and get out some money. Not even enough for the bus fare in my pocket.

Also a bit of drama at the bus stop when I got there after the ATM. A lady had collapsed and was being attended to by a couple of young men (youths?). An ambulance arrived so I did not offer to help but merely watched. It was not obvious why the lady had collapsed but she was talking, but did not seem to have control of her arms and legs.

It is a sad area that I live in, there is a lot of problems with substance abuse, mainly cheap alcohol, few people can afford drugs. It is a complex problem with roots in lack of education and the socio-economic conditions of the abusers. Mainly, but not solely, restricted to the Indigenous population.

The lady was loaded into the ambulance and the young men turned to the female ambulance officer and said "please look after my mother*". The officer looked at them very kindly and said comfortingly "I always look after my patients, she is in safe hands". Warmth and tenderness amongst the harsh reality.

The ambulance departed and the men moved on.

The Bludger boarded the next bus having been reminded of his fortunate his position in life.

* mother is used for any female older than the men who forms part of their "mob" or has some degree of kinship. It does not necessarily mean a biological relationship.


  1. So who is your ISP? name and shame them ;)

  2. I wish to avoid the possibility of legal actions so they will remain unnamed