Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Litchfield NP - return to Darwin

I awoke early in my luxury accommodation and decide to return to Darwin immediately rather than do anymore sight seeing. The day was cool and overcast threatening rain.
I elected to return via Berry Springs. This cut considerable distance off the return trip but involved some dirt roads and a very prominent sign that advised that the road was 4WD only in the wet. Since I was in the dry and my car is an "all wheel drive" I cast caution to the winds and proceeded.
It really was a grey day and commenced to rain lightly as soon as I left the Safari Camp.
I quickly came across the dirt section and found it to be a good quality graded road.  In my youth I would have flown along this at high speed but I restrained myself and merely cruised along. One section of the road had a series of puddles in a low area that required me to slow down and weave around them but nothing of concern.
On a tight winding down hill section I suddenly came across a Road Train that had stalled and was stuck in the road part way up the slope. A pretty impressive sight with the prime mover and three trailers filled with sheep. A second road train had pulled up and hitched itself to the broken down one. As a team the two trucks were working to get themselves moving again to get up the hill. (That is 2 prime movers with three trailers each, hitched into a single train that was over 100 meters long.) There was a lot of slipping wheels as I passed and then I realised that 2 more road trains were waiting at the bottom of the grade to get up and over also. That was a lot of trucks and sheep.
I decided not to stop for pictures, I think that my presence may not have been wanted.
A little further on I crossed a small wooden bridge and drove into a river bed. Dry at this time of the year it was an opportune moment to stop as another vehicle had been tailgating me for the last few minutes. As I was kicking up a lot of dust I had not wanted to pull over and let him pass as I would be then eating his dust. A photo break would allow the dust time to disperse.

The creek would be flowing in wet weather and explained why this was a 4WD only road at that time of year. It was a pretty little area. The constant fear of Crocs ensured that I stayed well clear of the waters edge however except where I could get a good view of the stream and creek bottom.

With the dust dispersed I continued on and made it into Berry Springs. Breakfast was some time ago and Darwin still an hour drive so I had in mind to stop and find some food.
I ended up at Crazy Acres Farm. They have a small produce counter and sell seasonal fruit and veg. They also it turned out make light meals, serve drinks and sell home made ice cream.
I settled on the Farm tasting plate and a Mango smoothie. The Farm plate was very fresh and tasty, I would have called it a ploughmans lunch.

I don't care what the poor people were doing The Bludger was enjoying life.

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