Monday 28 May 2012

Litchfield NP Day 2

Despite the bunk bed I had a good nights sleep. I made breakfast which consisted of a cup of tea and a banana and moved out before the heat of the day built up.

First stop was a drive to the Wangi Falls  and a walk up and around the falls themselves. I chose a clockwise direction and the first part of the walk was a rocky path up to the top of the cliffs. It then levelled out with vistas across the park, but not of the falls themselves.

Just above the falls was a stream that fed the falls themselves. Walkways ensured an easy crossing of the stream but also prevented further exploration. From there a path leads to a wooden staircase that takes you back into the rainforest. It was quite pretty. If you ever take this walk thongs (flip flops) and sandals are not appropriate.

Back at the bottom it was tempting to have a swim with a huge pool at the base of the falls to swim in but still a bit early. I had a quick look and then moved on to Greenant Creek.
From there I took a longer walk through rainforest and then onto open woodland to the top of Tjaetaba Falls. This was a lengthy walk with the day now warming up. At the top there were two pools.
The larger didn't look very nice to swim in with lots of green slimy looking stuff on the rocks and at the entry and exit points. A small waterfall lead to a second pool at the edge of the falls. Smaller but more appealing. I took off my boots and clothes and lay in the cool waters, wishing that someone else would visit to see me being adventurous.

I gave up waiting and dried off in the sun and a cool breeze. On my way back down I passed a party of about a dozen people on the way up. With hindsight I was glad to have the pools to myself.
From there I took a look along the track to Blyth Homestead. The track was clearly marked as 4WD only. I have an "all wheel drive" Subaru. Generally I find that I can go where many 4WDs can go. However I was quickly defeated on this one. A creek crossing was about 1Km down the track, depth markers indicated about 400 mm. That would be above my door seals and I could not see what was underneath. I conceded defeat and returned to the main road.

It was now late morning and I really needed to check into work. Mobile phones and mobile broadband do not work here, so I decided to head towards Batchelor at the park entrance. Also I was running out of food so needed to buy lunch, so that what I did have with me would cover dinner.
I ate once more in the Rum Jungle Tavern and caught up on work and emails.
Heading back to the Safari Camp I investigated the Tabletop Swamp and Tolmer Falls. The Tolmer falls were large impressive and off limits for swimming. Also the carpark was full of tour busses and cars full of other tourists. Too many people for me.

Back at the Camp I rested and then cooked an early meal before the daylight faded.
The Bludger had a quiet night and lamented the lack of Queensized bed.

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