Friday, 6 April 2012

Monday - Misery

Yin and Yang. Coins have 2 sides. A see saw has one end up while the other is down. A big night on the town means that the next morning will be miserable. It was.
I made it to my property and spent a solid couple of hours inspecting the house and property and working through the list of issues that the tenants would like fixed. The property manager was present and during the course of this it became apparent why my property manager is so ineffective at achieving things. I suspect that this is his first job as a property manager. He is certainly not a practical person. Most of the issues could be fixed by a handyman and the manager did not seem to be able to arrange for one. They bleed a percentage of my rental income and should be competently managing these things. I will repeat that "should be competently managing these things."
I have not been to the property for 6 years and overall it was looking good. The major issue is a large area of concrete including the driveway that is now degraded, lifting in some places due to tree roots and in the words of the tenant presenting a safety issue as it is a trip hazard. A sizeable sum of money to fix and not recoverable in increased rental in the near term.
After the inspection I found a coffee and late breakfast and then headed into town for some shopping. Darwin does not have a wide range of clothes shopping options so it is important to take advantage of such opportunities. I ended up with some new business shirts and casual shorts. In the process I kept bumping into Jonathan Thurston a well known Rugby League player. For the record he buys Calvin Klein underwear.
I whittled what was left of the afternoon away and then returned to the airport, for my flights home. The return was via Sydney this time. Another delay in Sydney, due to the need to wait for a crew member. Once we were on board they explained that we had to wait for a relief crew member as the rostered person had fallen and hurt herself. Suddenly it didn't matter that we were delayed, we had a reason and an explanation. Why don't the aircrew do that all the time when delayed?
The Bludger arrived home just after midnight after a short but successful trip.


  1. 'a safety issue as it is a trip hazard'.

    Ha ha. I guess they never been to Bangkok!

    At least when you relay the driveway you can bury the agent under it.

  2. "Bury the agent" Mmm. I had not thought of that.

  3. Enjoyed your travels - but the real reason I am here is to give you a Sunshine Award!