Thursday, 12 April 2012

Gado Gado

Well I have called this Gado Gado for want of a better name, and it was inspired by an Indonesian recipe for Gado Gado.

Well it was all a bit of a throw together, but hey gado means mix.
1 x small Pak Choy - leaves separated from stems and sliced, stems sliced into pieces.
1/2 Lebanese cucumber, cut into chunks
1 x Tomato cut into segments
1 x hard boiled egg, cut into segments.
1 cup of green pepper in chunks
1 x boiled potato, cut into chunks.
(basically everything into fork sized chunks.)
1 x handful beans - blanched
1/2 of one of my ultra hot chilli thinly sliced.
a dash of fried onions - bought from local Asian shop
a spoonful (and then a bit more) of Gado Gado sauce - from a can - warmed.

An explosion of flavour and relatively healthy.
The Bludger washed it down with a G&T.


  1. Is like a satay peanut style sauce. It looks nice.

  2. Dan it is a Satay peanut style sauce. A little thinner, but otherwise I cannot see or taste any difference.
    And it was damn nice.