Friday, 30 December 2011

Darwin Tourism - Nightcliff Pool

Nightcliff pool is my local swimming pool and I pass it regularly on morning walks. I had never ventured into the pool itself so decided to do so.
The entry fee was reasonable Adults $3.70, with concessions for seniors and children and a number of passes for regular visitors. I took in a portable reclining chair and settled down on a grassy section under the shade of a palm tree.
The pool had 8 swimming lanes, most had lane ropes up for the serious exercisers so that they can plough back and forth without accident. One side was left as an open area for the non exercisers. Huge shade cloths stretch over most of the pool and protect from the sun. One area is left exposed. I guess the pool is about 40 metres long, I didn't bring a tape measure.
The water was surprisingly cool, in comparison to the ambient temperature. It was refreshing after the heat of the day. An attendant told me it was about 29 degrees C. You won't get frost bite in this pool and boys will not be able to claim shrinkage.
I spent a pleasant couple of hours there alternating between the pool and the lounge chair. The weather eventually ended my day as a storm blew in. These storms are very intense but short lived.
The Bludger sheltered from the storm in the nearby Beachfront Hotel with a pint of cold Cider.

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