Saturday 24 December 2011

Cyclone Warning - Sort of.

This is the view from Darwin East Point Reserve looking out to the NNE towards the Low pressure system that is expected to develop into a Cyclone. There isn't a lot to see to be honest, just a dark band of clouds on the horizon. The eye of the storm is about 190 KM away, the band of clouds is probably only 20-30km due to the curvature of the earth. It is not surprising that there is not a lot to see.
The Low is stooging around to the north and east of Melville Island. Those guys are going to be in for some gale forcewinds over the next 48 hours.
So what's happening in Darwin at the moment? It is Christmas Eve, a Saturday. It's an odd feeling as people are out shopping and doing their bits and pieces. The markets are open and preparations are under way for tomorrow's Christmas feast. Lots of last minute shopping, no obvious signs of panic buying or Cyclone shopping. The shopping trolleys that I saw are full of Christmas food not Cyclone survival food.
The weather here is definitely cooler than normal. I slept with the windows and doors open last night to let the cool air in. I haven't done that in 5 months. It is windy. Not what you may call windy, only about 10-15 knots, but compared to the normal still air, it is a definate change. It has been wet, but it is the wet season, hard to tell if this is unusual.
View to the NNE from East Point Reserve.
What do I expect to happen? It seems that a Cyclone will definately form, but I expect that it will be short lived as it will probably hit land shortly after forming. The Tiwi Islands, north of Darwin, will be in for a battering. I expect Darwin itself will get some strong winds and rain, but miss the full force of the Cyclone.
Happy Christmas from The Bludger
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