Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Where's the Bludger?

This is my plan for Thursday
  • Breakfast In Brissy
  • Lunch in Limbo
  • Snack in the Sky
  • Dinner in Manila
Which probably needs a bit more explanationBreakfast in Brissy refers to the fact that I will wake up at a normal time in Brisbane, eat my breakfast and head off to work, almost as normal.
Lunch in Limbo refers to the event that by this time I should be at the Airport in the international departures lounge waiting for my flight to Manila. Once you have passed Immigration you are in a legal limbo land, you are physically in Australia but have passed into International space.
Snack in the sky is the recognition that I will need a light meal during the flight but I will be saving myself for Dinner with friends in Manila.
Of course all of this is subject to a threatened strike by Qantas Engineers that could easily ruin many travellers plans over Easter.
The Bludger is procrastinating instead of throwing a couple of t-shirts and a toothbrush into a bag.