Sunday, 7 March 2010

Onion & Potato Soup = Antisocial Behaviour.

Note: read this post at your own peril it contains offensive smells.
What to do with BBQ leftovers? I ended up with a large pile of raw sliced onion after a BBQ and a few baked potatoes. After a couple of days I thought that I mite (might?) (neither look correct) make some French Onion soup, but add in the Potatoes and make something a bit heartier.
I started by sautéing the Onions on gentle heat for about 30 minutes. A couple of table spoons of Flour to thicken and then poured on Chicken Stock (home made) and topped up with water. I sliced the potatoes into the soup and simmered for about 40 minutes. A tablespoon of sugar, melted in a serving spoon over the gas until it caramelised was added to the mix. I got this trick from a recipe, not sure if it added to the soup but a novel experience. I let the soup cool and skimmed off the oil on the surface then used a hand blender to make a smoother soup.
The soup was great, not restaurant quality by any means but flavoursome and filling.
The problem came the next day. Which fortunately was a non working day.
I woke up in the morning to a bedroom smelling of Onion. Strange I thought, and then a release of "wind" provided the reason why. The onion had worked its way through my system and was making it's presence known. I guess that it is fortunate I live alone
The Bludger is smelly today.