Sunday, 28 February 2010

Tsunami overreaction:

An earthquake near Chile has triggered a Tsunami that is moving across the pacific. The Tsunami is due to hit Queensland coast near Brisbane about 9:15am local time, the time varies depending where you are.
I understand that we need to give warnings but the Governments warning does seem to be an overreaction. We are warned to stay off beaches, secure boats and other measures. Despite my cynical post I genuinely do appreciate that the Government is providing warnings and that we know about these warnings. This is a major step forward compared to even 2 years ago.
However. So far a 20 cm high wave has hit NZ "with bigger waves to follow". By the time the Tsunami has travelled further to Australia it's power will have dissipated further. Local surf reports are predicting 1 - 2 foot waves. High tide coincidentally is just before the Tsunami strikes. I actually challenge anyone on the beach at the appointed time being able to distinguish a 20 cm wave from the normal waves. The one difference may be that it travels faster in a straight line than normal. But we are very unlikely imho to be in any real danger.
So thanks Gov but let's be realistic in our warnings.
The Bludger wants to go to the beach, but has too much to do at home to spare the time.

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