Monday, 15 February 2010

Channel 9 Coverage of the Winter Olympics

Man this is crap. The Channel 9 commentary team look like they have been picked not for their knowledge of winter sports, nor for their talent but for their political clout within Ch 9.
Eddie McGuire - doesn't even see to know what Olympics and Snow is all about.
Andrew Voss - comes across like a rabbit in the headlights. What's going on? AV stick to Rugby League that is your strength. Fortunately he has an offsider to dig him out of his hole.
Alisa Camplin - Thank the lord that someone knows what is going on. A true professional.
Mick Molloy - a poor mans copy of Roy and HG. At least he doesn't try too hard to pretend that he knows what snow is. And thank the lord that there is no fat arsed wombat.
When Ray Warren calls the swimming, you know that he understands the sport, even though he was not a swimmer. I don't get the feeling that the above do.
Channel 9 lift your game.