Monday, 14 December 2009

Travel Itineraries

Way back in the past we had paper printed air travel tickets that we had to guard carefully, keep dry, prevent from being crushed or soiled or lost or damaged in any way. These had your travel details on them which was always a ready reference.
Of course there are many ways to achieve this, a diary or notebook, print out the itinerary, calendar or notes on your phone, on your PC etcetera. But I don't like doing things the smart or sensible way, all of the above can be lost or damaged and become unavailable. Not to mention that you have to carry them.
At the moment I have trip details on my personal e-mail calendar, wall calendar, my phone and my work e-mail. Plus copies in e-mails and no doubt I will print them before leaving.
What I wanted was something accessible via the internet, easy to get to and easy to manage. For the moment I have settled on tripit. It links to my LinkedIn account also Google and others, I haven't explored all of those yet. Naturally it is available as a web page. One of the great things is that I can e-mail my travel confirmations and it will extract the relevant information and create a travel plan including flights, airline, times and dates. Neat. It has trouble doing that with Hotel reservations, many of the larger hotel chains will work, but not the smaller ones that I typically use. I can manually add those however.
There are several competing sites, but this one works for me so far.
With a number of trips coming up I have been considering how best to manage my itineraries so that I don't miss flights.

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