Saturday, 19 December 2009


It's raining. At last.
I am getting pleasure out of watching the gathered water from the roof coming out of the downpipes and trickling into the new water tank. I can hear the splash of the water in the bottom of the tank as it slowly fills.
Even to me this all sounds a bit pathetic. It is rain, It gathers on the roof. It flows to gutters. The gutters channel the water somewhere. In this case into a tank. The Romans managed to do this over 2000 years ago. The Bludger managed to do it in 2009. Big fat hairy deal.
Compared to what I have seen here it is a relatively light rain but already I have sufficient water to flow out of the taps in the tank. I would be able to test the pump tomorrow, except I won't be here. A quick work trip to Canberra has given me the opportunity to go there early and catch up with a couple of friends.
I think that I will celebrate this rain with a Vodka Martini, stirred not shaken. Mmm, maybe I better pack for the trip away before doing that!
The Bludger is looking forward to leave over the Christmas period.
Update 31/9/2009: The tank is basically full. I have a level of water security. And it is still raining occasionally

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