Thursday 22 August 2013

10 Days in Bali - Days 6-10 part 2

I really wanted to show PeaPa a little bit of the north of Bali, so we engaged our friendly driver, Rahde, to take us on a day trip to the north.
Our first stop was a temple complex, called Pura Ulan Danu, built on the shores of a lake. It is a huge tourist attraction and we were there in time to see some ceremony of which I have no idea what it was about. But the participants certainly looked wonderful in white tops and yellow sarongs.
Get those tourists with their cameras out of the way

PeaPa survived the savage attack
Rahde then took us up a hill to give us elevated views of lake Batur and then on to lunch.
Lake Batur

Panoramic views from our lunch spot.
We then headed down to some hot volcanic pools, Banjar Hot Springs, and had a swim. Well PeaPa chickened out and I swam. Apparently I was purified during this process.

Our next stop was one of the most delightful Buddhist Temples that I have ever been to. That was the one time that I did not have a camera with me. Brahma Arama Vihara Buddhist Temple is extremely well maintained and covers a large area built onto the side of a hill. It is used as a meditation retreat and it is meticulously maintained. If ever in North Bali put it on your visit list. It has little courtyards with trees and pools, fountains, a large communal prayer area, various temple areas and it feels really peaceful.
The day was progressing so we had a very quick stop at Lovina beach and then headed back to Ubud.

Black sand on Lovina beach
The Bludger was pretty tired but we did have yet another excellent meal.

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