Friday, 2 November 2012

November 2 - Travel to Chiang Mai

I had breakfast in the market again. This time I chose a different vendor and ended up with chicken, a sauce and rice, very filling.
After that I checked out of my hotel and then made my way to the bus station to buy a ticket on the next bus to Chiang Mai. Another hot and humid day and it was quite a relief when the bus arrived to get inside and have some semblance of air conditioning. The bus trip was long and uneventful and got me into Chiang Mai late in the afternoon.
I had not booked any accommodation so allowed my taxi driver to recommend a place. She showed me a brochure of a reasonable looking place with a pool and I was happy with that. The taxi driver was a middle aged lady and by the end of the trip I had her life story she was "divorced, making ends meet on her own, needs a good man (hint hint), is available for any transport needs that I had, here is my number please give me a call." She had also established very quickly that I was on my own, not married, no dependents etcetera.
I got out at the hotel and thanked her.
I had been taken to the Lai Thai Guesthouse  which was certainly pleasant and well located and a reasonable price, so I booked in for three nights. I was later to find out that this guest house was infamous and in the news having recently had a murder in one of the rooms. The gist of the story is that a Pakistani man had taken a local Bar Manager back to his room. During the course of the night he brutally murdered her and then went on the run. He was later detained at the Bangkok airport trying to flee the country.
There was much rumour and speculation about why this occurred, I never found out the full details.
Anyway from my point of view the hotel was warm and comfortable and the pool was nice.
I went out that evening for a quiet meal and had a reasonable massage and a beer. The whole town was quiet, almost all of the bars were empty, and the bar girls desperate to call me in. I smiled and passed by.
Old fashioned phone in my room

The Bludger was ready to explore a new City.

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