Sunday, 20 November 2011

Vietnam trip 3 - Day 1 Sunday morning

I awoke early and had breakfast in the Hotel. Not bad, there was a good range and variety of both Western and Asian foods. I would have been happy to eat there for 3 or 4 days due to the variety although my assessment of the food was "uninspiring". The restaurant has quite a nice view over the city from it's 10th floor location.
With the (mistaken) impression that I was gong to jump on a bus to Chau Doc the following morning to meet my girlfriend I planned a days tourist activities.
First up I walked through the Ben Than markets, with no intention of buying I just enjoyed the sights and sounds and smells. This market has clothing, bling, cafe food, kitchen needs and a full fruit vegetables, meat market. It is fun.

I wandered on and came across Cafe 374 at the back of the Reunification Palace. A guard questioned my business there, I pointed at the Cafe and said "cofee". I was allowed through. I had an average coffee.
Moving on I made it to the War Remnants Museum.

The War Remnants Museum is a collection of  former American and Vietnamese weapons and vehicles including both fixed and rotary winged Aircraft and Tanks. It tells the war from the Vietnamese victors point of view. In this view the USA was an aggressor and complicit in the detention and torture and killing of many actual and suspected north Vietnamese sympathisers immediately prior to and during the Vietnam War, using techniques as brutal as any done by other countries.

Displays and information panels confirm this view and there are even reproductions of speeches by at least one former US Senator admitting his participation.
For me this has put a different perspective on the war in Vietnam. I don't know what to believe, but I now have to question the Western view of the good old USA protecting us from the commies.
I was part way through this Museum when I had a call to say that Phuc had turned up at the hotel.
The Bludger was confused.

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