Saturday, 3 July 2010

Random thoughts on a plane

I recently flew from Newcastle (NSW) back to Brisbane. My mind was free to wander and these thoughts drifted through my mind.
The Beer that I bought on the flight was a Heinecken. What made it interesting was that it was fully imported. Not brewed under license in Australia, fully imported from Holland. Wow, my beer had been transported half way around the world. I appreciated it, it was a nice beer.
I need more humour in my life. My life is lacking laughter. I used to laugh a lot, listen to Comedians, watch cartoons, see comedies. Where has this gone wrong?
I have been visiting coal mining areas. Our State and Federal Governments are not very clever are they? Or maybe they are extremely clever at pulling the wool over our eyes? They talk about green credentials, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the release of CO2 into the atmosphere, environmental responsibility. Meanwhile they are investing in, or assisting in, the development of massive infrastructure in NSW and Queensland to get more coal out of the ground and onto ships and sold overseas in the quickest and most economical manner.
Our Governments are hypocrites. The equation is simple, every gram of coal brought out of the ground that is burnt, releases CO2 and adds to greenhouse gases and thus to global warming. Blind Freddy can see it. And we are the mugs that keep voting them in. I am voting green next election. On the same flight is a lady from the Country Women's Association. I know this because she featured on Masterchef recently as a guest judge. Coincidence. That morning I had also seen an article about her in the local newspaper. Coincidence, she was at the airport when I was due to fly home. Coincidence, she was on the same flight as I. Coincidence indeed.
More coincidences. The lady next to me I have seen before. I don't know her at all. But I have seen her or someone very similar. She stands out for several reasons. She has a distinctive style of clothing including a distinctive hat. I see her in profile, she has a distinctive profile, to do with the shape of the nose and the lower lip. Her skin colour and complexion is distinctive also. She wears glasses. All of this triggers memories, I have seen her before. Actually I think on a plane. Coincidence or my mind playing tricks? She is focused and looks like she needs more humour in her life also.
She is listening to an MP3 player. We are on descent and all electronic equipment is meant to be switched off (I am blogging later from hand written notes). She carefully hides the MP3 player in her jacket and the earpiece cables beneath the jacket and under her medium length hair. I hope that her use of electronic equipment doesn't kill me. But that is all bulldust. Neither MP3 players, nor phones, nor laptop computers are likely to interfere with the aircraft electronic navigation systems as they would like you to believe. Modern electronics on air planes are well shielded and electronic transmissions from portable devices are so low that the likelihood of interference is very low. I think that I need more humour in my life, I sound like a Grumpy Old Man.
Two people didn't make our flight. We were delayed while their bags were identified and removed. I am annoyed at the delay. I should be happy that a potential risk to my safety has been eliminated. I am just grumpy that I am late getting home. I need more laughter in my life. I hope that those two people get given a hard time when they pick up their bags.
I am glad to be fling north to warmer climes. I have been in the NSW Hunter Valley. It was cold at night.
I have successfully avoided colds so far this winter. I take a 70 minute flight and by the end of the day I have a sore throat and a runny nose. I dislike being ill. Next day my throat is sore, my nose running. I suspect that this will ruin my weekend.
The Bludger needs to laugh more.

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