Sunday, 18 October 2009

Octoberfest - Ocsober

One of the radio stations in Brisbane has been promoting "Ocsober". The name meaning to stay sober in October, in fact to cut alcohol out of the month altogether. While I didn't sign up to Ocsober, I did decide to cut back on booze and have been pretty faithful to that. To be honest I prefer February to be the sober month. It is shorter and straight after the Christmas/New Year period when one must punish oneself for one's excesses. (I think that I got all of those "ones" correct.)
This weekend Brisbane put on Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest in my youth was always an excuse to get pissed, but I do like a good German sausage, a pile of Sauerkraut and some German Beer. While the Nutritionists may cringe at typical German fare, it is tasty and to my mind always a pleasure to indulge in German food. When I lived in Sydney one of my occasional pleasures was to go to the German Hofbrauhaus in the Rocks and have a good plate of Sausage with 3 types of mustard, Sauerkraut and a couple of Steins of Beer.
However the weekend proved to busy and tiring to get there. Plus there was the issue of drinking and driving if I did go. While the Brisbane Show Grounds are walking distance (a longish walk), quite frankly I was a bit tired after a walk in the morning and digging yet another hole to form the foundations of my water tank stand. So I never got there.
While out shopping for groceries, however, I decided that I could do my own Oktoberfest at home. So I picked up some German Sausages, Brockwurst and Knackwurst, and some Sauerkraut from the supermarket and detoured via a bottle shop and loaded up with a few German and Bavarian beers.
I found a great recipe for Sausages and Sauerkraut online, which I am about to start cooking, and I am half way through a nice German Pilsner.
I Guess that Ocsober is over for me.

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