Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Peurile Humour

During my travels today at one stage I was in China Town in Fortitude Valley. I popped into an Asian grocery store as I was looking for some Asian sauces. As I wondered amongst the shelves I came across some candles, picture below.

I couldn't resist buying a packet, fully aware that the level of amusement that I was getting from these is about 10 year old level. But it made me think about all of the idiosyncrasies of our Language not just when foreign languages are translated into English or vice versa but also different variants of English come into conflict.For example growing up as a 10 year old there was always the giggle factor around the word Durex. To me Durex was a brand of condoms, how did I as a 10 years old know that? Hmmm! But in Australia Durex was a brand of Sticky Tape and it caused hours of amusement when our teachers kept suggesting we use Durex or asking for the Durex.
As I have grown up I have come across Americans talking about their fanny (bottom) which is totally different, although same region to a fanny as I know it and only females have a fanny in Australia and I think UK. A quick search of the Internet shows that I am covering ground here that has been well and truly covered before. So given that I am covering old ground I will sign off and leave you with this. 

The Bludger.

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