Thursday 30 October 2008

Redundancy I embrace you

What a strange day today has been. This morning a breakfast talk that I had organised, for my University Alumni, in collaboration with a lovely lady called Margaret went very well. We had a nice meal and an entertaining speaker and some interesting attendees. That was the morning bookend. The afternoon bookend was a total contrast. My boss told me that I was redundant. To be perfectly honest I had been expecting this, I just wasn't sure of the timing. And to be quite honest with the lack of direction, vision, management, communication and respect within my current employer at the moment, it is a great relief. My aims now. 1. To save some of my staff from the same fate. 2. To get a new job. I have already been applying for jobs. I am an IT Manager. The way I view my career is to evaluate business environments, determine their current problems and find a good solution to improving their profitability and IT systems. Those same skills I applied to my situation. The result was that I expected redundancy. I got the date wrong. The next series of posts will detail my job search. At the moment I have about 6 applications out with various organisations. One has reached the stage of interview. Two are under consideration by the recruitment agencies, several have been so quiet that I guess that they don't consider me a serious option. Look for the next instalment.

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