Tuesday, 1 November 2011

What the Vietnamese Embassy said

I questioned the Vietnamese Embassy about the procedure, this is there email response:

For getting married with a Vietnamese citizen, the following documents are required:
- Single status certificate issued by Australian authority;
- Health certificate (general check) issued by a Hospital
Those documtmetns must be certified by Department of Foreign and Trade of Australia (DFAT)then be sent to the Embassy. The Embassy will certify the seal and signature of DFAT. The fee is AUS 30/document.
Consular section"
Seems pretty easy how come I feel that this will not be all. Could it be that they haven't mentioned a copy of my passport?
On the phone thy added that the health check could be done in a Medical Centre. What concerns me however is that other information suggests that this should be a Mental Health check. Am I competent mentally to marry and understand the choice that I am making.

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