Monday, 14 November 2011

Marrying a Vietnamese Person - Eye troubles

Today I received a message that Phuc needed some money for an operation on her eye. She was due to go to hospital next week. I could not elicit the reason for the operation.
Certainly I knew that her eye weeped a little bit and she occasionally complained about it. However mine does too so I had not really paid it much attention. She wanted several hundred US dollars and that immediately raised the dormant suspicions and the protective and caring instincts at the same time.
One of the major battles in this relationship so far is determining if I am having the wool pulled over my eyes or not. There are so many stories of men in my position getting ripped off in a variety of ways as they search for love. Always the nagging suspicion that I may be one of those.
On the positive side, there has only been one small request so far for her fathers cut leg, which I was able to verify myself.
But isn't that how the"long con" works, slowly suck you in a bit here a bit there, lower your resistance, slowly build the committment.
The other problem in this is that I could not imagine what sort of eye operation requires that much money in Vietnam. Eyes are either relatively cheap or horrendously expensive or lost completely. There is not much in between.
I decided to send the requested money. I use Western Union for transfers and the money was picked up within an hour of me notifying that it was available.
I decided something else also. I would go over in person and check things out.
The Bludger is confused, concerned, worried.

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