Friday, 28 October 2011

Marrying a Vietnamese Person pt 2

Some small steps today. I phoned and managed to get through to the Vietnamese Embassy in Canberra. The man who answered was really helpful, although confusing. He confirmed that I needed to send the following documents to the Vietnamese Embassy for Certification:
  • A certificate of being Single,  (also referred to as a No Record). This needs to be no more than 6 months old.
  • A certificate from a Health Organisation to prove that I am Physcologically OK and disease free. When questioned he said any Australian Medical Centre would do.
  • Photocopy of Passport or Identity. The copy needs to be verified by a Public Notary. 
All the documents need to be passed to DFAT and certified. (Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade). This sort of thing is new to me, but I checked their website and it all seems ok, and they even publish their scale of fees. DFAT charges $20 per document, the Notary Public charges by the hour with a minimum $40.
The Vietnamese Embassy also want a $30 Certification fee for each document.
I think that I will get DFAT to certify a copy of my Australian Citizenship Certificate also. I won't send it to the Vietnamese Embassy I will keep it in reserve I just have the feeling that this may come up sooner or later.
I arranged a "NO Record" result from the Births Deaths and Marriages Registry. That was done on the spot. $25 thanks very much.
It's Friday afternoon, offices will close for the weekend, I can only do the copying for now.
I have also asked my Fiancée to investigate at her end what procedures she must do.
The Bludger is working his way through bureaucracy. Slowly.

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