Wednesday, 21 August 2013

10 Days in Bali - Days 1 - 5

Or maybe I should say a whirlwind posting of our Balinese Holiday.
Departure from Don Meuang Airport 6:20 am. That meant being at the airport at 4:20 am which meant leaving Ayutthaya no later than 3:20am. As it was we left at 3am, had a dream run to the airport with no traffic, almost no wait at Check-in, and Immigration and had far too much spare time to wait.
I would rather be early than late.
Once again our arrival in Denpasar was a dream run with only a slight wait for baggage, but that allowed us to use toilets etcetera.
Our hotel had sent a driver to pick us up, who apologised for keeping us waiting (he didn't) and delivered us to the hotel in time for us to have a shower and then consider lunch.
Our accommodation at Sally's Bungalows was lovely, we had a Bungalow designed for 2 couples and the other couple had to cancel. So we had a huge place to ourselves.
PeePa in our living area
 The accommodation included a swimming pool shared, but rarely used, with the other Bungalows. Often I had it to myself as PeaPa rarely swims.
The pool, with a child wading area in the foreground.
The next few days were a bit of an odd time. Ostensibly we were there to help a friend celebrate a significant birthday. Due to cost we had decided to stay seperately, although very close, and so did not see as much of them as I had anticipated. We also were working on different time schedules, their breakfast time was 10am, where as I was up and about by 6am and finished breakfast by 7am.
We did catch up that first night and went to a Moroccan Restaurant which featured some Belly Dancing.
We also caught up the following evening, Saturday, which was the official party, and the final night for Pizza.
Significant Birthday party
So instead PeaPa and myself entertained ourselves.
One night we headed to Jimbaran Beach for a Sefood BBQ, which was held on the beach, it had a lovely atmosphere but the food was unfortunately not very inspiring.
Seafood right on the beach

We also had a rather lengthy tour of the Eastern part of the Island and took in the sights at Tirtaganga, a series of pools fed by underground water, visited a couple of temples including Goa Lawah and had lunch at a lovely restaurant enjoying the cool sea breeze and views at Candidasa.
Seawall at Candidasa

Dressed in the height of fashion at Goa Lawah.

Exploring the pools at Tirtaganga
On another day we visited Tanah Lot another lovely area with a Temple built out on a rock and headland overlooking the beach.

We also visited world famous Kuta beach briefly.

The Bludger was playing Tour Guide.

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