Thursday, 12 April 2012

Woolworths - the fresh food people - NOT!

In Australia one of our Major Supermarket chains brands itself as "the fresh food people". The following pictures were taken at my local Supermarket, Woolworths Nightcliff, on Thursday April 14, 2012 at 4:09pm. My contention is that they are not providing fresh food.
In the above photo the garlic is covered in black "stuff" and many cloves are in various stages of decomposition. Quite frankly I cannot see how this was allowed on the shelves.
The snow peas were worse. Once again I cannot believe that they were out on the shelf for sale. The black bits that you can see is where the snow peas are decomposing. If I had intended to buy some I am not sure that I could have picked out the "good" ones. When you think about it, if some are already decomposing, the others are probably very close also.
Wonderful food from the Fresh Food People.
The Bludger is rather disappointed.


  1. I see food like that all too often in France. It never fails to amaze me that most of the fresh veg are just sitting out at room temperature (albeit it is cooler up the fresh food end of the supermarket) and not refrigerated, so it's not surprising things like snow peas and lettuce are always floppy, and trying to find fresh capsicums in amongst the rotting ones is quite hard!

  2. If I bought that vegetable, I could take it straight to the complaints counter and be issued a full refund. So I just don't understand why it gets sold in the first place. Especially when it is their number one sales pitch.
    I generally buy from the weekend farmers markets, so it is not a big issue for me.