Saturday, 31 March 2012

Canberra Ho

A post in which I journey to Canberra.
An interesting visit. The main purpose of my visit was to inspect a property which I have owned for several years and which the tenants are now advising needs some maintenance. That is to say more maintenance than the agent that manages it seems to be able to arrange, such as repairing blinds on windows. I won't use this, however, as a forum to list the many shortcomings that I find with the property manager.
I departed Darwin on a 12:45pm flight. Delayed. No reason given. As I had only a short time gap between arrival in Brisbane and my connecting flight I had a mild concern, but the captain came on the intercom and promised to make up the time. Which he indeed did. A seamless transfer onto my flight into Canberra and in fact we made up more time on that flight due to tail winds.
We landed ahead of schedule and I picked up my hire car and made my way to my hotel. Large parts of the city were in darkness as they were observing Earth Hour and the lights of major landmarks like the War Memorial were dark. It actually made driving more of a challenge than I had expected as streets were darker than normal.
I found my Hotel after a false start had a quick drink in the bar and headed for bed.
The Bludger has no profound thoughts to pass on.

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