Friday, 16 April 2010

Easter - Philipines - Day 3

Day 3 dawned bright and clear. We had decided to move on. A phone call to Garden Point had found some vacant accommodation and we arranged a Banca to take us over there.
Which caused problems.
Our accommodation decided to take the piss and charge us a mighty fee for the previous days boat trip. Only about 6 times the original quote. Then wanted to charge us an astronomical fee in US dollars for the boat transfers. Tony bless his heart was masterful in negotiation and resolving the issues. Cool calm collected and no compromise.
Anyway we made it to Garden point and moved into our new home. I have to admit the quality of food, accommodation and service was much higher. We also had room to walk more than 50 metres. In fact we had a very steep hill that gave me a good work out. After settling in Tony and I took a walk up the hill and around the resort. We then found a nice spot for a beer while watching the ocean.
The day passed easily. Our group congregated around the pool late afternoon for drinks and photos of the sunset. It was a lovely warm evening and with few other people around was very calming.
After Sunset we repaired to the restaurant and had a very enjoyable dinner. Following dinner I had a massage in my room which put me right to sleep. What a great way to end the day!
Overall it was a lovely day and a lovely place to spend some time.
The Bludger was cruising!

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