Friday, 8 January 2010

Bali - Ubud Day 2 - Sunday

A slow start to the day - after all why rush?
I took a long walk before breakfast and explored along Jalan Raya Tjampuhan, heading roughly north along the main road from the hotel.This led slowly uphill, paralelling the nearby river. I imagine the road to be very typical of the area, it is relatively narrow full of cars scooters and pedestrians.
A footpath exists on each side of the road, houses, hotels and restaurants( Warungs) are interspersed amongst the local shops. But you can still get your sarongs, carvings and other nick nacks along here.
The road followed a ridge and at the top it flattened out. Here there were small rice paddys although they were not extensive. Ducks were also kept amongst the paddys and the local crispy duck in the restaurants is super.
Returning to the hotel I breakfasted. Oh well, the diet went out the window as soon as I was offered a freshly made Omellette. Fresh eggs, fresh fillings and cooked in front of you, this was a temptation too good to refuse.
Lunch was taken further up the hill at a small warung in a group of shops that also boasted a large supermarket. Lunch was simply selected by pointing to a variety of cooked meats and vegetables in a bain marie and was served with rice on a plate. All very civilised, all very tasty and I had no qualms about risks of "Bali Belly". Of course the large Bali Bintang was required to wash this down.
Phil and I then raided the Supermarket for fresh fruit, a bucket, ice, tonic water and underwear for me as I had discovered that I had forgotten to pack any. The bucket and ice was required to keep the drinks cool as it appears that our accomodation was lacking such things as fridges and TV's.
Throughout the day we spent time by the pool and congregated for drinks at my unit later that afternoon. Dinner was held in Ubud at the Lotus Restaurant. Once again in the middle of a blackout but this was our first chance to sample the local Crispy Duck and it was as I mentioned above simply superb.